mr. machiavellian
wears his sunglasses
as though they were a cross
to a nun ;
the ten plagues
are neatly packaged away within an enigma in black.
indie & selective
albert wesker.

current au: the presidency.




  Amused is the young nation, a particular spark in hopeful blue eyes burning with an intensity not normally found in their depths. Perhaps there was something of an age-old ‘secret’ to be kept behind locks and rusted keys that inhabitants of mundane hearts were meant to reveal themselves. 

    I'd call it more of a— gut feeling than anything, sir. That and I'm normally right when it comes to this type of thing. ‘

 The strength of America was shown in the strength of her personification, and a heart of gold fluttered with more strength than the past years had shown.


          the theories currently swirling about in the veritable vortex of scattered thoughts amid his otherwise orderly, filing-cabinet-system mind would likely make another laugh at him were he to reveal them. but, he had not attained his masters and his P.h.D.’s and his public support for nothing — he questioned until he found the answers, and even after finding answers, he questioned further. lips press together, contemplation abaft his being and confirmation at the fore-front

         ’ give me your true name, mr. jones, the one you were given at birth. ‘ 



     ── »»  he  finds  himself  standing  up  a  little
     straighter  when  he  finally  does  look  up  at
     the  other  man.  at  the  mention  of  hannibal,
     will  becomes  even  more  curious.  of  course
     hannibal  had  friends  like  albert  wesker       
     both    men    carried    an   air   of   superiority
     with  them  which   made   all   others   pale   in
     comparison.  will  is  already  curious  enough.

                      ❝  doctor  lecter  is  a  very  good  friend
                      to   keep.  i   have   heard   nothing   but
                      good things about  you, mr. wesker.  


        it is no surprise that he tends to keep company only with those who have something to offer him, be it an alliance or an exchange of favors. however, wesker empathized readily with hannibal lecter — they were psychopathic gentlemen bearing teeth stained red with the blood of the weak. refined monsters wearing fine clothing as though they’re articles constituting second skins, chaos suppressed in devil’s trills and danse macabres. layers of truth covered by lies and a thin layer of skin up top. they only did show the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. but anyone close friends with hannibal lecter, wesker knew, was someone who ought to be reckoned with.

       ’ flattery flows thick, mr. graham. and that, he is — in your case, i’m intrigued. it is not often does the patient form such a close friendship with their psychiatrist. ‘




     ’ That isn’t that much of a coincidence, sir.

A sheepish smile born of mirth appears upon his face.

I— uh— just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for us this far. It just really means a lot to me, y’know?

    Expressing signs of gratitude were not considered to be a field he particularly excelled in.


oh? i am flattered, though it has been but three months since i’ve been sworn into office. ’ the isolation of the presidency and the faux-glamour it brought gave wesker a head-ache more oft than not, these days, but he never complained, not if he could help it. one thing that set him apart from every other president prior is that albert took everything in life as a challenge — and that he followed no code but his own. if he had to bring america out of a ditch, he was fully prepared to resort to any method he had to in order for that to occur.

         there is something i am obviously missing, mr. jones. care to elaborate? ‘ 



                    Not every day a human he stumbles upon catches his eye, but something about this one strikes interest inside him. He doesn’t know why, he doesn’t dwell on why. It just so happens to be, and O’Malley will accept that. He’s also in a bit of a tiny predicament, if you could even call it that.


                    “Hey,” there was no need to live under the false pretense he was a normal cat. You could say the way this man reacted could also ascertain his fate—he’d seen that face in the newspapers.

                    Limping forward, he held out a paw. Dug into the pad of one was a rather large splinter. It looked painful, and it felt painful. “Could you get this out for me?” He’d tried to dig it out with his teeth, but to no avail. His efforts were fruitless.


☣ ʙɪᴏʜᴀᴢᴀʀᴅ.

   —— one albert wesker gone a-strolling generally did not expect anything out-of-the-ordinary to approach out of nowhere. for that matter, he did not expect anything at all, for chances are he’d seen some form of the oddity ( no matter what it is ) in some fashion, at some point in his fifty-four years of life. as a scientist, however, he would have been opposing his own core beliefs: that the earth is an endless wonder, and not everything always has an explanation. if there is any talk of an anomaly, it likely exists.

          as a child, he had seen the occasional cartoon. speaking cats among the caricatures and playful messages embodied seen on screen, and thus, when an actual talking cat approached him, he merely paused. felines were among his most favored of animals, and this one seemed rather charming: a smaller version of the gargantuan royal bengal tiger, raja, that he kept with him when back at his compound. that is, if raja were able to actually converse.

          no other expression upon marblesque mien other than the regular blank-placidity, the blond bent down upon a knee and gingerly took the cat’s paw betwixt practiced, gloved fingers — quickly and efficiently plucking the splinter out from the flesh. the remaining wound, however, could not be left un-attended.

          ’ how did this happen, if i may inquire? ‘

ricochxt pleads:
1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9



005. has your character grown/changed since being brought to the hive?
——okay so idk what the hive is so i’m rolling with this as if you’re asking has bond changed since i picked him up as a muse. i’d like to say yes, in a way: while i’m mainly focusing on daniel craig’s portrayal (thus far he’s the “loneliest” out of the bunch and he’s the “toughest” portrayal since sean connery) i’m also trying to incorporate some of the novel characteristics as well. eventually i’d like to add in events from the classic bonds films because casino royale was actually bond’s first adventure, so the personality in the classic bonds is really more a result of vesper’s death and him not resigning as planned.

007. do you have role models among the muns?
——i’ve got loads actually, but i’ll only mention a handful and if you’re not mentioned don’t take it personally: in regards to characterization and writing and etc, i’ve got to say that lxgis is my biggest role model. honestly, it’s not a common saying that lxgis is the reincarnation of acd for nothing — their passion for holmes is deliciously obvious with everything they do, and because of that, you and i are given the chance to read and interact with an absolutely remarkable portrayal of the snarky consulting detective. they inspire me to not just read and copy/paste lines from fleming’s novels and call it “character study” but to actually take time to piece together the portrait of a character with admirable strengths as well as inexcusable flaws.
——next is singlasses because here again you’ve got a writer who has taken the canon events and information and built on it all — wesker isn’t just taken from the games and dropped somewhere on tumblr but he’s sitting behind his desk watching you as you read through his threads. he’s plotting, he’s waiting, and he’s alive whether you’re ready to accept it or not.
——after that i’ve got queenxcersei, maimedlion, widowx, wednesdxy, and puristmalfoy. they’re on my list of role models because their characters are brilliant and they’ve been dealing with my shit ooc as well. they may seem intimidating because of the work they’ve put into their characters, but they really aren’t (except malfoy who inspires me to be an even bigger arse than i already am) and they’re not much for the bullshit “acting like i love everyone but really being a backstabbing bitch because i have no life and was raised by neanderthals” which is a trait i genuinely admire. hella. tbh you’re not on here yet because i’ve known you for like three days. down, boy.

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      Sports? Me? Fencing, maybe.
      Basketball? I’m a little rusty.
      I wouldn’t mind.

☣ ᴄᴏᴍᴍᴀɴᴅᴇʀ-ɪɴ-ᴄʜɪᴇғ.

             you’ll survive.

               i haven’t played in decades, for the record.
               it’s more enjoyable playing it on the presidential court
               than a regular one. ‘




      ‘ Alfred, sir. Alfred F. Jones. You might’ve heard my name being thrown around in the White House, hell, maybe even cabinet, but I’m not really of any great importance, trust me.


' trust is earned given time. however, i have hear your name once or twice — in the same sentence as ‘america.’ so tell me, mr. jones, what brings you to my office? ’ it was obvious enough that there was something he, even as commander-in-chief of this country, with archive after archive of knowledge at his disposal still had yet to figure something rather…imperative, out.




    ‘ Hey, Mister President, can I borrow you for a sec?


' —— and who might you be…? ’ the query given is bereft of any inflection indicating that it is one, a trademark of his speech-pattern. 

[ four and nine. ów ò ]

4. what do you dislike about your character?

he was over-confident in canon, and that was a flaw that i subsequently erased in my portrayal because it’s a characteristic many comic-book villains share ( though, this is mostly showcased in resi 5 — and i dislike 5 for very obvious reasons, and i don’t keep 5!wesker’s personality, only the canon itself, for my wesker. ) were i him, i’d have torn chris redfield to pieces the very second i saw him show up in africa, no mercy given and no unnecessary taunting/speeches given. it ruins a lot of decent villains, then again, the good v. evil cliche is over-used in my opinion. as it goes, wesker as i see it is a true neutral — he could care less about the moral spectrum, he’s as grey as grey gets and can easily shift over to ‘good’ or ‘evil’ if it benefits his agenda. this is why a lot of his character was bastardized, again in my opinion, in 5 — though i certainly liked his design, his voice, and the graphics, i would have preferred they kept the character he had in his prior games.  

9. how do you deal with writer’s block?

i force myself to write. yes, you heard me — once i get the ball rolling, i’m back into the swing of things, and often times writer’s block is just a specific state of mind that can be overcome. i always have muse for wesker, but outside factors such as my level of exhaustion, homework, bad mood, etc. tend to hinder me from writing. otherwise, i never really ‘lose’ his muse, per se. i can lose muse for my other blogs and i have, but never wesker and i feel lucky for that.

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